oma studio is a chicago based design, brand, & digital marketing powerhouse for all things creative

what we believe

we're a small team working hard to do it all. we ask tough questions to get the answers you need, not the ones you want to hear; tell stories that matter, work with creatives you trust, & craft content that delivers results.

what we do

print design

Posters, Brochures, Flyers, Business Cards, something new, we can do it all for you. Through print design, we can help bring your messaging to life in the real world. We believe it is just as important to reach your clients in the print world as it is in the digital world.

brand + visual identity

Images are one of the most universally understood forms of communication, and we understand that. We plan to help you achieve your objectives by helping to develop your brand, or to rebrand your company completely. Your visual identity is the first thing most clients see, we are trained in how to bring out your brand message clearly and concisely through visualization to the consumer.

web design + development

You can argue that a website is the most important thing for a company, and nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a confusing web page. We will work with you to design your website in order to bring your messaging to life through the design and development of your page.

digital marketing

We can help you reach your core audience while also showcasing what your brand does best. Through campaign design and management, we will utilize platforms to reach directly to your desired audience. We can create the opportunity to generate conversation about your company and bring more interactions to your business.

hey, it's us

A Headshot photo of Sara Armstrong, co_founder of oma design studio

Sara Armstrong

Sara is a trained graphic designer whose strengths lie in page layout design, typography, color theory, research, and communication theories. Her love for design has been a nearly lifelong passion discovering her love and need for a creative outlet at a very young age. Residing in Chicago, Sara actively involves herself within the design community there. In her free time, Sara finds herself cooking new recipes, buying too many plants, trying weird beer, and listening to a lot of podcasts.

A photo of Amod Mahadik in a black suit and wearing a flower tie, co_founder of oma design studio

Amod Mahadik

Amod Mahadik is a Chicago based designer, photographer, and videographer. While attending UIC, Amod started his own content creation agency, working with the best creators in Chicago on projects with Clif Bar, Patagonia, and Microsoft, among others. He gained valuable design and creative experience from being able to specialize in brand identity across the digital market. Some of his professional interests include layout design, typography, and the psychology of design behind social media. If you ever find Amod not working, you’ll find him traveling, taking photos, backpacking, or sleeping.

our clients

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